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Change your frame = Change your MEANING!

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 Have you ever wondered how the way you’re feeling about something, could be down to the meaning you’ve attached to it?

Watch this super short episode of RT-TV (3m 40s) to discover how to put to good use the NLP tool called Reframing!

As a coach, I know that one of the biggest reasons where a person can feel stuck or feel like they’re in a negative situation is NOT because of what’s really happening …. but  actually because of what they THINK is happening; the meaning or conclusions that they’ve attached to the situation.

Here’s an example for you:

  • “THEY (your boss/partner/someone) is annoyed with me or THEY don’t like me BECAUSE they didn’t talk to me today!”
    • That may not be the cause at all.  They may not have talked to you today for so many other reasons …..
      • they may have been really focused on their work;
      • they may have had a lot on their mind;
      • they maybe weren’t feeling well or
      • they may be just weren’t on top of their normal game!

By actually stopping & asking yourself ‘What else could this mean?’ – it helps you to become more flexible and give yourself options to think about things in a different way – rather than generalising things & jumping to assumptions that may not be true in reality!


Want another example …. well here you go!

  • If you get frustrated by a member of your team/or someone  & they’re the last person to deliver something to you.  You may think it’s because they don’t care or some other negative meaning attached to their behaviour!
  • But again, when you ask ‘What else could this mean?’, it could be ….
    • they may also be working on other projects, which means it takes them longer;
    • they take their time to make sure that no mistakes are made & therefore you’ll get a better result!

So whenever you’re faced with a challenging situations; a niggle or a negative feeling or you hear yourself saying something like … ‘This is because of X’ …. then ask yourself instead … ‘WHAT ELSE CAN THIS MEAN?’


“Nothing has meaning except the meaning that you give it!”

T. Harv Eker

So today start to look at things in a different way by putting on a different ‘meaning’ frame around things!

Please do share with me how this simple yet powerful NLP tool, has made a difference to something you were thinking about in a certain way before – plus the new actions you’ll take now as a result!

The easiest way to do this is by sharing it with me by putting in a quick comment below or on the Rapid Transformation Facebook page.

Until next time, keep on changing how you are thinking or focusing on things, as this will change the meaning of it in your life!

Have a fantastic day.

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One Comment

  • Paul o Brien says:

    Hi again just watched you short clip and from that I found my self changing negitive thoughts to positive thoughts by taking a picture of the positive that I want to achieve in my goals and placing it in the picture frame to a point that the picture frame was even made from pine wood and glass . That just popped up . A picture of me jumping of a fence on my new young horse.

    This is giving me a real feeling of success and confidence that I can and will because I just have and guess what I even have a photograph of me doing it.

    Thanks for that burst of focus and makes me feal good. POBrien