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Change your frame = Change your MEANING!

By NLP Insights, RT-TV

Change Your Frame-Change Your Meaning

Have you ever wondered how the way you’re feeling about something, could be down to the meaning you’ve attached to it?
Watch this super short episode of RT-TV to discover how to put to good use the NLP tool called Reframing!
By actually stopping & asking yourself ‘What else could this mean?’ – it helps you to become more flexible and give yourself options to think about things in a different way – rather than generalising things & jumping to assumptions that may not be true in reality!

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Your habits – the Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

By Books, Education, Mindset, NLP Insights, RT-TV, Strategies

Your Habits – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!
Have you ever really thought about the impact your habits & actions are making?
Habits can have a massive impact on your life – even though you may not realise it! It could be habits such as smoking, overeating, drinking too much, working too hard or procrastinating over things!
The NLP tool of ‘Future Pacing’ can help you. It will be an eye-opener for you!
Watch this week’s RT-TV episode to bring alive a key strategy for success! Each and every small positive step or action you take …. will move you forward & help you grow.

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