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Change your perspective

By Blog, Design, Mindset, Strategies

When you’re looking for inspiration or to solve a challenge, the best thing to do is to get out of your everyday environment.
By changing your perspective – you change the way you think & feel about a situation!
So go on, where will you go this week to make a difference in your business?

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Make better & quicker decisions – 3 Top Tips

By RT-TV, Strategies

3 Top Tips To Make Better And Quicker Decisions
Decision making is something that I see lots of entrepreneurs & business owners, who’ve come from the corporate world or a more traditional career route find challenging. But, decision making doesn’t have to be hard! You just have to decide that you’re going to decide & also make sure that you’re really thinking, feeling & acting like an entrepreneur or business owner, rather than like an ‘employee’!

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Scared of commitment?

By Blog, Mindset, Strategies

Scared of Commitment? Change your mindset. Think that you need to fully commit right now, no bloody wonder it can feel like a big deal to really go after it and instead you can get cold feet. So commit to each small step, rather than thinking that it has to lead to a marriage proposal or ’signing your life away’! An Idea Is Just An Idea And Is Worthless Without The Action!

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Ask the Coach – Part 1

By Audio Podcast, Strategies

‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ ….
…. so how can I help coach you through your current problems or challenges?
If you have a specific question that you would like to get me to mull over & then give you some of my coaching insights around, then please do take advantage of the ‘Ask the Coach’ opportunity, as I’ll be taking time to do another Q&A podcast very soon.

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Discover your top 3 qualities now

By Audio Podcast, Business, Mindset, Strategies

Discover Your Top 3 Qualities Now
See how you could increase the levels of trust that you have with yourself & others – whilst also increasing the level of trust that others have in you. A key way to earn TRUST is if you’re getting great results and the best way to do that … is to make sure you’re using your personal talents & strengths effectively. Start to explore how you can continue to do even more of the things that match your top qualities.

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