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 ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ ….

…. so how can I help coach you through your current problems or challenges?

As you may have gathered (as that’s all I bang on about hey?!), I’m all about helping YOU get MORE, BETTER or DIFFERENT from your working world & results.  You may call it your ‘work’, ‘career’, ‘job’, ‘professional life’ or ‘business’ and I really want YOU to love it, whilst get amazing results & also suitability challenged by it (so you’re not bored or yawning at the thought of it!)

But hey, I’m a realist & know that when you’re making small or big changes, that are moving you in the right direction – it can feel unsettling, confusing & ‘aaahhh will it ever happen’ – at times!

So recently, I invited people like you, who are part of the Rapid Transformation community, to share some of their burning questions & challenges with me via a cool ‘voicemail’ system.   I’ve taken time to then share my thoughts, coaching tips, strategies & different perspectives on it – just like I would do if we were having a 1-2-1 coaching session (although it would be a 2-way dialogue of course & I’d be asking lots of questions to really get ‘under the skin’ of the challenge!).

The purpose of this is 2 fold – to help them & to help YOU!  As I’m sure that when you listen to their question & my insights, you’ll also get some real nuggets of wisdom, take away messages & actions that you can do!  So BONUS hey!?

Right so let’s get to it, simply click below to listen to the question from Dawn & Phil and what I had to say in response ….

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“How do I stop worrying what everybody thinks about my performance at work & have more confidence in my own abilities?”


Overview of my response for Dawn & for YOU!

  • It’s essential to look at your ‘Frame of Reference’ filter – is it external or internal?
  • The impact of a bad past experience!
  • What are the beliefs that you’re carrying around with you – are they crushing you?
  • A powerful tool from NLP called Anchoring that can help you get confident in an instant! Click here to find out exactly how to do it!
  • Focus – what you focus upon is what you get!


 “I’m currently going through a transition period in my life.I’m coming to the end of a job & I now need to look for the next stage in my career.There are many jobs out there that I feel as if I could go for, however they’re not 110% perfect for me.How important do you feel it is to manipulate your past experience, in order to fit within a new role within a company?”


Overview of my response for Phil & for YOU!

  • Your mindsets & outlook about future opportunities out there can make all the difference!
  • Learn from the past … what’s worked well & what’s not?
  • What’s your Talent Dynamics profile – when you know this – you can start to carefully select your next role that will get you into flow & fit like a glove!
  • How the word ‘manipulate’ jumped out at me.
  • Why it’s important to really know what your ‘values’ are & how to discover them.


So it’s over to YOU now!

What were the key insights and points that resonated with you, whilst listening to the ‘Ask the Coach’ podcast?

What actions will you take right NOW, which will help you move forward – even it’s just a ‘small’ step in your mind – because progress is progress after all (well as long as it’s going in the right direction & is focused.

If you have a specific question that you would like to get me to mull over & then give you some of my coaching insights around, then please do take advantage of the ‘Ask the Coach’ opportunity, as I’ll be taking time to do another Q&A podcast very soon.

I look forward to sharing even more with you next time & as always, if I can help you in a more specific way to kick things forward, so you can get MORE, BETTER or DIFFERENT from your ‘working’ life – then get in touch today.

Have a fantastic day.

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