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The Messy Middle Part

Today, let’s chat about the messy bit in the middle, which happens when we’re going after our next stretching goals & projects in business. I know that you know what I’m talking about … it’s that phase where things feel like they’re a bit or a lot tangled up; where you feel more confused than clear & you can end up second guessing yourself & looking back at what you were doing with longing eyes & thinking …. 'why I am going after this?' But trust me, it’s in this part where the real magic happens! Because it’s where the…

Be Braver

I was delivering a fun workshop yesterday, and it was all about the power of reflection. And honestly, there were so many interesting conversations that were sparked with these leaders (someone even commented that it felt like a day of business therapy, in a really good way.) But there was one particular reflection question that really resonated and really opened up the conversation with them. "What would you do if you were braver and you had more courage?" Think about it &  spend some time today, whether you get a favorite coffee, cup of tea, water and really reflect on…

Do More Of What Works For You! – GOYW Episode 167

What are you doing that's not really making a difference for you & taking you away from doing more of what can be more impactful?

What Impressions Are You Leaving? – GOYW Episode 166

Are you inadvertently making it harder to grow your business because of the impressions you are leaving your potential or past clients?

Small Changes = Big Results – GOYW Episode 165

When it comes growing your business, it could be the small details & changes that make a huge difference - both in helping you or holding you back!

5 Reasons Why It’s Much Easier to Grow Your Business Today – GOYW Episode 164

Instead of focusing on why it's hard to grow your business, how about focusing on these 5 ways that's it's actually much easier!

Are you motivated more by pain or pleasure? – GOYW Episode 163

See which of the two styles of motivation can help you to get into action mode & which one can lead to more consistent results!

Trust Your Unconscious Mind – GOYW Episode 162

Use the power of your unconscious mind to help you grow your business with these 2 practical strategies!

Stop Being The Hero – GOYW Episode 161

Instead of being the hero for your clients & in your marketing, be the guide & see how that can be even more powerful!

You Don’t Always Know – GOYW Episode 160

As a business owner, we often don't know what we don't know ... which can make it harder to solve challenges or totally go after opportunities.

Come As You Will Be – GOYW Episode 159

Want an ideas for a motivating party theme with a difference, which can help your business too? Then organise or attend a 'Come As You Will Be' themed party.

Where is the Grass Greener? – GOYW Episode 158

Are you too busy thinking that the grass is greener over there & feel like others have got things better than you, instead of watering your side more?

So are you ready to make some serious magic happen in your business?