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Considering a change?

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If you’re considering a change in your business, career or job –

then it’s time for us to have a ‘chat’ – just you & me!

It may come as no surprise but the results you get & the experiences you have – are heavily influenced by how well you DESIGNED or planned for them in the first place!

Today I thought I would just press record & share my thoughts, tips & insights into how you can get the DESIGN element of the Rapid Transformation formula working for YOU!

So grab a coffee/tea/water/green juice (or whatever you choose) – some paper & pen & then press ‘PLAY’ below.

It’s a bumper & extended episode today with so much value squeezed inside it – so enjoy!

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Here’s a peek at what I chat through in the podcast:

  • How I witnessed the ‘great coffee shop robbery’ last week!
  • Do the decisions you made when younger still fit?
  • A practical way to start to figure out what you want NOW in your working life!
  • How it may just be a tweek or FINE TUNING you need!
  • What to do if instead you’re up for an OVERHAUL!
  • How my brother-in-law went from being a Payroll clerk to a Fireman!
  • It’s all about choice – so are you choosing to choose what you want?

“If I was starting completely fresh,

in a world where anything is possible,

what would I love to be doing?”

Daniel Priestley

Becoming a Key Person of Influence

So enjoy listening to the podcast & then taking ACTION!

As always please do share with me some of the key things that you’ve discovered by asking the powerful question above & also the other insights that I talk through.  You can share this easily by commenting below or on the Rapid Transformation Facebook page.

I look forward to sharing more Rapid Transformation tips & strategies next time – so you can get MORE, BETTER or DIFFERENT from your working life & results!

As always have a fantastic day.

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  • Shemila says:

    Inspirational as always, loved the question and will be asking myself that. I was actually thinking whats next for me, when your podcast came 🙂 Thanks Osmaan

    • Osmaan Sharif says:

      Thanks Shemila 🙂 Glad you found it inspirational & have fun working through the question to plan what’s next for you!