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Time: Are you spending it wisely?

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If you had ‘time’ in a bank instead of money – would you spend it differently?

As you may already know, I absolutely love watching movies – as even though most of them are ‘fiction’ – they can be filled with lots of lessons that we can use in a practical way.

Take for example the film called In Time – starring Justin Timberlake.  The premise of the story is that he lives in a world where time has become the ultimate currency.  Everybody has the first 25 years available for ‘free’ but then the timer starts with only 1 year on the clock and then it’s tick tock tick tock – as soon as it gets to zero – they die!

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In our world, money is the main source of what we use to ‘barter for’, ‘trade’ or exchange for services, products or expertise.   But in that world – there is no money as we know it – because time is their real money!

So everything you could imagine that we use to pay for or earn money for in our world – they get more time or have to spend some their your time.  (Hmm I wonder how much it would cost in terms of time for a Starbucks skinny caramel macchiato?)

That would be like in work – your clients or company paying you by giving you some more months, weeks, minutes & seconds – instead of money!

It totally shakes up the relationship to time in your head, don’t you think?

From the world of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I often share with my students & clients how our minds really work.  Well one of the ways is by filtering based upon TIME, so it really does make a difference to us on a daily basis – but it’s quite often neglected or not given much credit.

However, it’s one of the resources that everybody (including me) can really take for granted.  But in our world – we don’t have a way to top-up time – it’s eventually going to run out for us all.  (Yeah I know that’s quite a morbid thought isn’t it?  But when you think of it like that, it can often give you the wake up call that you need to hear!)

So this week how about you really think about, focus upon & experience TIME!

Whatever you’re doing today and for the rest of the week – STOP for a moment & ask:

“Am I happy to be debiting TIME from my TIME-BANK for this?”

Time is one thing that we all have in common, with the same 24 hours available each day.  But it’s what you use that time for that truly makes a difference.

“Sylvia:  What have we got? 

Will: A day.  You can do a lot in a day!”

In Time Movie – 20th Century Fox

I’m not for one minute saying that it all has to be spent on work or business things – that wouldn’t be a well balanced or fulfilling life!  It’s equally important that you use some of your time to relax, enjoying your hobbies and time with family & loved ones.   It all comes down to choice & it’s something that we all have.  

So taking this back to the world of work for a quick moment (as I know your time is precious!)  If you have goals or know what you want to achieve but aren’t then putting in the time to actually do it – then you’re really short changing yourself aren’t you – because nothing will change then – except you will have less time which you won’t get back!

On the other hand, if you currently know that what you’re doing for your work – whether that your career, job or business – isn’t floating your boat – then is this something you truly want to keep on doing?  Because you’re spending your valuable TIME doing it.  It could also be stopping you from instead doing something that you really LOVE doing & which plays to your strengths so much more!  Well if that’s the case for you – it could be time for you to start to design more compelling goals for your future!

As always, I’d love to hear what insights, questions or thoughts you’ve had from listening to this short podcast – so please do take a moment to connect with me by dropping a comment in the comment box below the article.

I look forward to sharing even more ways for you to continue on the path of really pushing your comfort zones & making those rapid transformations so you can truly love what you do!  Remember, we only have 1 life (well that we truly know of) – so make sure you really make the most out of it & not waste it away.

Bye for now!

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    So what’s your thoughts? Are you using time wisely? What actions are you going to take as a result of listening or reading this blog today? Please comment & share below.