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What will you be doing 6 months from now?

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Let’s go on a trip to 6 months into your future?

It’s easy peasy – you just need to hop on board your time travelling ‘mind’ machine!

So imagine you were able to just float out into 6 months from today.

Do you like what you see?

Are you chuffed because you feel like you’ve achieved what you wanted to in your business?


Does it look like nothing much has changed … apart from the date?

I know this may sound like just a little but of fun, but it can give you some real insights into what’s going inside of your mind & how likely you are to make things happen!

If when you took a peek into 6 months in your future, your mind had images of your life & results that you want … then good on you & keep it going.  Because that means that you’re more likely to take the action to make that happen & have the inner mindsets & beliefs that support it too!

If it’s the opposite, then take that as a ‘warning’ to sort out whatever is holding you back now!  Because in all honesty, if you can’t even see it happening then it’s very unlikely that you’ll do what needs to be done to make it happen!

It may just be that you need to fine-tune or overhaul some of the goals that you’ve designed (or actually set & commit to some).

Or really get rid of those pesky limiting beliefs or ‘crap’ that’s making you believe all the things that you can’t do because of this or that!

Or you may just need to be adjusting what actions or strategies you’re using, so they’re actually going to make a difference!

Whatever is needed, just make sure that you do it!   Because I know you’d really hate to get to 6 months time & feeling like you’ve not moved on at all or even worse feel like you’ve gone backwards, right?

When I was flying above my time line & looking into my future, I got super excited when I got to the beginning of October this year!


Because that’s when the doors will have opened for a brand new ‘thing’ that I’m busy cooking up here in RT-HQ for you!

It’s based on what lots of my clients and people have told me they would love to have access too – based on the recent survey and also chats I’ve been having!

I know you’re going to love it … as it’ll really help you to make sure you’ve got the Design, Mindsets & Strategies working for YOU & your business, so you can finally start that business you’ve wanted to begin or stop spinning your wheels and really grow it faster!

It’ll be super affordable, fun & be oozing with tons of value for you!

To be one of the first to hear about this over the next week & ‘get in’ right at the start, then simply click on the link below:

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