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Have you ever noticed that you often get the best ideas or clarity over something that’s been playing on your mind for a while, when you’re in a different place compared to normal?

Well last week I was at the Fast Forward Your Business conference and Roger Hamilton reminded me how this is all down to changing your perspective.

So how about you make a point of doing that this week?

It could be going to work from a different place … perhaps a coffee shop or even a different place in your home or office?

(Here’s a blog I wrote a while ago on how changing your environment can make a huge impact on your productivity).

Or taking a break & go somewhere … even for a couple of hours or a day or two.

Think about it, have you ever been on holiday & you’re lazing around the swimming pool or working on your tan, not focusing on work or business & that’s the time when you get a ‘brain wave’ or a flash of inspiration?

It sure beats staring at the blank sheet of paper or document on your computer screen & forcing the ‘idea’ to come to you, doesn’t it?

Give it a go … what have you got to lose?

Have a great week & speak again soon.

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