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If you want to get clarity & results … you need to dive in & take action!


No amount of theory, reflecting, reading, planning or discussing is really going to come close to actually DOING!


This is where it’s really at!


I was reminded of this again this morning I went snorkeling in the Red Sea.


Yes the view as amazing from standing on the jetty & looking down at all the fish in the crystal clear water.


But it was only when I put on my snorkeling gear & got inside the water … that I really appreciated what I was missing from just spectating from outside.


There was so so so much more to see & experience from that perspective. Most of which I would have missed & not even known was down there … if I just stayed dry & with both feet firmly on the jetty.


I see this all too often when it comes to starting or growing a business.


Of course it can feel safer & more comfortable up there or even just when you’re dipping your toe in the water … but it really doesn’t beat when you’re fully committed & immersed in what you want to make happen, does it?

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A lot of times we come up with lots of reasons & excuses as to why it’s not the right time to do something … but will there ever really be?


If excuses is something that you know holds you back, then you’d definitely want to join us for the next Rapid Transformation Book Club in Glasgow on Tuesday 20th October (6-8pm), where we’ll be discussing ‘Excuses Begone’ by Dr Wayne W Dyer.


Register for your place here:


So what can you do today & this week to make sure you’re really diving in to make things happen?


Enjoy taking action & the experiences that come with it too.


Best wishes & speak again soon

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