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There’s really no shortage of ideas that we all get. But if we don’t act upon or nurture them … they could easily go to find someone else who will do it!
I got 2 massive insights from reading ‘Big Magic’, which I know you’ll love!
Find out if you’re ideas are still ‘alive’ or if you should let them go, by reading more here.

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How current are your goals?

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How Current Are Your Goals?
When is the last time you gave your goals a real mot?
If you want to get MORE, BETTER or DIFFERENT from your working life, you need to design it so you know what that MORE, BETTER or DIFFERENT looks, sounds or feels like!
So stop giving yourself a hard time or thinking that you’ve ‘failed’ if you want to change paths, goals or direction. Remember, you have the choice available to YOU – so make sure you take it.

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Do you really not know?

By Education, Mindset, RT-TV, Strategies

Do You Really Not Know?
How does it feel when you say ‘I don’t know what to do?
Your mind is always listening to whatever you’re saying or thinking & it’s a follower!
By changing the words you’re using – plus really meaning those words so they have conviction & belief behind them, you’ll start to see & feel very differently about your challenges or the situation.
Check out this simple strategy that can turn your focus & results around instantly!

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What’s better – More or Less time?

By Education, Mindset, RT-TV

What’s Better – More Or Less Time?
Would you prefer to have MORE time or LESS time – to get things done?
When it comes to setting yourself a task or a goal – how much time do you allocate for yourself to actually get it done?
Cyril Parkinson, says that the amount of time you give yourself to do something – is going to be the amount of time it will take you!
Watch out RT-TV to know exactly how you can benefit from Parkinson’s Law
Set a much shorter time scale – well before the deadline date – and then steadily worked towards getting it done!

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It takes Perseverance & Patience!

By Education, RT-TV, Strategies

It Takes Perseverance & Patience
Are you under the illusion that everyone else gets it right the first time?
Discover what having patience & perseverance has to do with you making things happen & your goals come alive!
And when working towards your current goals, make sure you keep being patient with yourself; learn & grow from any setbacks & of course keep on persevering ahead.

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Need to know it all?

By Education, Mindset, RT-TV

Need To Know It All
Do you feel the need to ‘know it all’ before even getting off the starting blocks?
When you’re starting to do something different, such as a new task; activity; hobby; project; business or career, you don’t have to become an expert or professional at it straight away!
It can often take time to get things to be ‘perfect’ (if ‘perfect’ even exists) or at least to the standards & performance levels that you want it to be.
Give yourself that little nudge or big kick and just get started and do it!

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Say Yes instead of the default No!

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Say Yes Instead of a Default No
One of the first words we learn is ‘No’!
Are you holding yourself back by ‘No’ to things automatically?
Often saying ‘NO’ has become a habit & a way of thinking – without us even considering the alternative!
Just keep remember – if you say ‘NO’ – you are closing the door without even having a peek at the potential of what could be behind it!

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Your habits – the Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

By Books, Education, Mindset, NLP Insights, RT-TV, Strategies

Your Habits – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!
Have you ever really thought about the impact your habits & actions are making?
Habits can have a massive impact on your life – even though you may not realise it! It could be habits such as smoking, overeating, drinking too much, working too hard or procrastinating over things!
The NLP tool of ‘Future Pacing’ can help you. It will be an eye-opener for you!
Watch this week’s RT-TV episode to bring alive a key strategy for success! Each and every small positive step or action you take …. will move you forward & help you grow.

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