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When is the last time you gave your goals a real MOT?

From my experience, if you want to get MORE, BETTER or DIFFERENT from your working life, you need to design it so you know what that MORE, BETTER or DIFFERENT looks, sounds or feels like!

This is essential for any goal, outcome or dream you set yourself for.  But what’s even more important is that it’s a CURRENT version that you’re using and not some old outdated goals that you set before!

Click ‘play’ to hear me bring this to life even more in this bite-size ‘podcast’ so you can make sure you are all serviced & in tip-top condition!  It’s only 3 minutes & 9 seconds short – so get let’s get cracking!

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The reason why this is essential is because each day, we grow, develop, change, learn new things & become a new version of ourselves!

Of course, your fundamental values & many of your goals will still be what you want, however if you’re finding it harder to keep the motivation and momentum, just stop & ask yourself – “Is this still what I want?”

If the answer is ‘YES’, then you’ll be glad to hear that there are plenty of NLP & Rapid Transformation tools to help get things rocking again for you.

But if the answer is ‘NO’ or ‘I’m not sure’ – then honestly my biggest piece of advice that I could give is that you’ll be so much better off taking some time to stop, re-focus & get the clarity of what you currently want – so you’re working from the latest & upgraded version of it!

When I’m coaching clients, it’s really common to see some of their challenges & blockers are because they aren’t as excited about their goal anymore.  They have outgrown them, moved on and so it’s like their heart has checked out.  And when you’re heart & passion has escaped from it …. then it’ll feel like an upwards struggle to make it happen!

I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with that at all – well apart from if you’re still attempting to reach that goal or outcome, that you don’t really want anymore.  I’m sure you’ll agree that’s just wasting your precious time, energy & effort – which instead you could be focusing onto a new direction.


“People are not lazy, the simply have impotent goals … that is … goals that do not inspire them.”

Tony Robbins


But remember, even if your goals, outcomes or dreams have changed, it may not be a total radical, it could be that it’s a tweak or just a slight difference compared to what you though or set before!

For me, this is also down to the fact that we just don’t know what you don’t know!  Let me explain what I mean by that.

I am totally all for setting goals – they’re a key ingredient of the Rapid Transformation approach but you also need to appreciate that you were setting your goals against who you were and what you thought back at that time!  This could be different from who you are now, so as a result – what you want may also change!

So it’s only sometimes when you’re on the ground, taking action & getting results along the way, that you allow yourself to then see – what’s next for me & is this what I really want.

I know for me what I thought I wanted even 6 years ago, when I started my business is very different from what I now want.  Back then, I was not married, had just left the corporate world & also wasn’t a Dad.  But I’d never have been able to set the goals that I’m working towards back then.

So stop giving yourself a hard time or thinking that you’ve ‘failed’ if you want to change paths, goals or direction.  Remember, you have the choice available to YOU – so make sure you take it.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so please do share your insights with me in the comments below.  Plus, please also pass this onto anyone you know who may feel like they are going around and around in circles because they are living their ‘past decisions & goals’ – rather than what is currently important to them.

I look forward to sharing even more with you next time!

Bye for now!

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