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How current are your goals?

By Audio Podcast, Design, Education, Mindset

How Current Are Your Goals?
When is the last time you gave your goals a real mot?
If you want to get MORE, BETTER or DIFFERENT from your working life, you need to design it so you know what that MORE, BETTER or DIFFERENT looks, sounds or feels like!
So stop giving yourself a hard time or thinking that you’ve ‘failed’ if you want to change paths, goals or direction. Remember, you have the choice available to YOU – so make sure you take it.

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Do you love your work?

By Design, Mindset, RT-TV

Do You Love Your Work?
Every single person has a right to do whatever they choose to for ‘work’ and Love It!
Watch out the latest episode of RT-TV to get a feel for how you can DESIGN things better. And ask yourself two powerful questions, so you can start to strip away the layers & notice what you may not have been noticing!

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