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Do you love your work?

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I’m often asked how to figure out what kind of work to do – so it doesn’t feel like ‘work’!

I totally believe that every single person has a right to do whatever they choose to for ‘work’ (your job; career or business) & LOVE IT.

But if you currently can’t put your hand on your heart & say that you are totally loving what you’re doing … then how do you figure out what types of ‘work’ would be more suited to you?

Click ‘play’ on the latest episode of RT-TV to get a feel for how you can DESIGN things better!  It’s only 3 minutes & 52 seconds short – so enjoy!

If you think about it, most of the time we are in such a routine, that we can go about our daily lives as if the ‘auto-pilot’ switch is ON!  That means that it’s so easy to miss what’s often starting us right in the face!  So even though some people find it hard to figure out what type of ‘work’ they LOVE – there are lots of ways to shine the light on it!

Let’s start today by asking yourself two powerful questions, so you can start to strip away the layers & notice what you may not have been noticing!

1) ‘What are some of the things you do that people thank you for?’

Really take a trip down memory lane from all the different types of ‘work’ you’ve done over the years.  As your answers & the sparks that flash up, can often start to reveal what your natural & ‘hidden’ talents are.

So think back to some of the things that you’ve been the ‘go-to person’ for?

It could be that you help people come up with really creative & innovative ideas on how to solve problems; or you’re really supportive & a great listener; or you may be the type of person that is trusted to be organised & focused on getting things done on time & deliver what’s been promised!

Those things that you’ve started to see, may no feel like a big deal to you, as I’m sure you found them relatively easy & just the ‘norm’ for you!  But that’s the key though!

One of the best ways for you to do the type of ‘work’ you truly love, is to make sure that it’s playing to your strengths & you get great results doing it!

Remember – life doesn’t have to be hard, so why would you want to make it hard?


“Love what you do & you’ll never work a day in your life.”


Another question to ask yourself is ….

2) ‘What gets you into FLOW?’

Flow is that state when you are so focused that it feels like your in the zone & you could easily spend hours and hours and hours doing what you’re doing, as you’re so connected with it & lose track of time!

Typically when you’re doing things that gets you into flow – it can feel like magic happens.  Problems or challenges are overcome easily & again things feel quite NATURAL to you!

When you give yourself permission to start to do more of what gets you into flow, it means you can DESIGN your working life & goals around doing more of these type of things!  This is the building blocks for you to both LOVE what you do & also get cracking results easily!

One of my ultimate go-to tools that I share with my coaching clients & students, which can help quickly uncover what gets you into flow & type of things you should do more off & less off – is called TALENT DYNAMICS.  It helps you see which of 8 different Talent Dynamics profiles you’re most closely aligned with & then it gives you super practical strategies to follow – so that you spend as much time playing to your strengths.


If you haven’t already discovered your Talent Dynamics profile & are keen to find out more – check out this link here.

So enjoy taking the time to DESIGN your working life around what you LOVE doing …. as this means that you will LOVE your working life!

Please do share with me some of the key things that you’ve discovered by asking these 2 questions or if you’ve already done the Talent Dynamics profile – how it’s helped you to get a better handle on doing more of the things that get you into flow.  You can share this easily by commenting below this video or on the Rapid Transformation Facebook page.

I look forward to sharing more Rapid Transformation tips & strategies next time.

As always have a fantastic day.

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