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Stop saying that you’ll TRY!

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Do you sometimes kid yourself on that you’ll do something – when you know you deep down that it ain’t going to happen?

One little word can really make the difference for you!

Give yourself 135 seconds to watch this super short episode of RT-TV to find out how to DO more!

Today let’s talk about a little word, which can really give you a big hint as to whether you’ll actually do something or not!

It’s the word ‘TRY’!

I’m sure you’ve asked someone in the past to come along to a party or event & they say  – ‘Yes I’ll try to make it’!  Be honest though, in your mind – do you think; feel or believe that they’ll actually come?  NO!

The same happens when you use the word TRY!  Your mind automatically thinks you’re not really going to do it; you’re not committed to it & it’s not really important to you!

So how likely are you likely to then actually do it?  Yeah – not very!

So here is a Rapid Transformation challenge for you this week.

Get a blank piece of paper or open up a new document on your computer.

Then simply fill in the blanks with as many things you’ve been saying or recently that fits with the

“I’ll TRY to ……………..”

(Also watch out for the fancier equivalents like – ‘I’ll endeavour to ……..’ or ‘I’ll attempt to …….’)

Once you’ve captured them all down, then stop & ask yourself ‘AM I going to TRY or am I Going to DO IT?’.   

I’m sure that it will make you score things off your ‘try’ list that weren’t actually going to happen because they weren’t that important anyway – but were zapping some of your mental energy by having them hanging over you!  Plus, those that you really do want to do, you can then spend the time & actually DO THEM!


“Do or Do Not.  There is no TRY!”

Yoda – Star Wars


I’d love to hear what you’re going to DO this week instead of TRYING!

Share it with me by putting in a quick comment below or on the Rapid Transformation Facebook page.

I look forward to sharing even more with you next time and have fun DOING whatever it is you’re choosing to DO!

Have a fantastic day.

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