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What can a Coach do for you & your business? – 070

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When growing up, I so wanted to be a police officer.


If I went down that career path, people would have a much easier time understanding what my ‘job’ was.


But then I would have missed out on all those puzzling looks that I get to witness, when I’m asked, ‘So Osmaan … what do you do?’


‘I’m a performance & mindset coach for business owners’.


Cue that look & words like … ‘Ohh that’s nice’ or ‘Ohh interesting’


Because quite frankly, not many people really truly understand what a coach does … especially outside of the world of sports.


And then when they hear the mindset part …. well it can truly rattle their mind 🙂

So I thought the time has come for me to really lift the lid on what it is that I get to do every day & why I totally love, love, love it.


Plus, it may even help you to see how coaching could help you to get out your way & grow your business … either now or in the future.


And even more selfishly – I thought it was about time that my mum & dad got to understand what I really do … so they can explain it better to my many ‘uncles’ & ‘aunties’ when at social events.


So tune in here today & see how the world of coaching can help you increase your performance.

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Best wishes as always.

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