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Get Out Your Way Podcast

Do You Trust Your Head, Heart or Gut? – 069

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Life is full of decisions …


Should I buy the new iPhone? (Ok that’s not even a decision really … it’s an automatic yes for me)


Should I get that new ‘shiny’ online course that everyone is hyped about?


Should I have say yes or no to this ‘opportunity’?


Told you … making decisions is like a full time job at times.


But the biggest question that I’d love you to answer is ….


Do you trust your head, heart or gut when making decisions?


In this week’s podcast, I share which one works best for me … whilst sharing some very personal examples of when I’m made good & not so good decisions in the past.


Plus I’ll share with you my very powerful technique that you can use to help you make rapid decisions. When I taught it one of my clients last week, they had that … ‘you can’t be serious Osmaan look’ on their face … but like always it helped them make the decision they’d been struggling with in an instant.

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Enjoy the episode & I trust that it will help you make even better decisions for you going forward.

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