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Planning your future results!

By Blog, Design, Mindset

Planning Your Future Results
Have you started to think about what you want to experience & achieve this year?
Get pro-active & start creating or updating your goals from TODAY. You don’t have it go it alone – in fact, sometimes it’s so much easier & productive to work with someone else to help you really tease out not what you think you ‘should’ go after but what you really want!

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It takes Perseverance & Patience!

By Education, RT-TV, Strategies

It Takes Perseverance & Patience
Are you under the illusion that everyone else gets it right the first time?
Discover what having patience & perseverance has to do with you making things happen & your goals come alive!
And when working towards your current goals, make sure you keep being patient with yourself; learn & grow from any setbacks & of course keep on persevering ahead.

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Need to know it all?

By Education, Mindset, RT-TV

Need To Know It All
Do you feel the need to ‘know it all’ before even getting off the starting blocks?
When you’re starting to do something different, such as a new task; activity; hobby; project; business or career, you don’t have to become an expert or professional at it straight away!
It can often take time to get things to be ‘perfect’ (if ‘perfect’ even exists) or at least to the standards & performance levels that you want it to be.
Give yourself that little nudge or big kick and just get started and do it!

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Create a Movie Trailer for your Goals

By Design, RT-TV

Create A Movie Trailer For Your Goals
Don’t fall short by setting goals & not taking the next step that can turn it from ‘BLAH’ to ‘AHH’!
Setting goals alone will only get you so far! You need to take action.
HOW you set your goals also plays a much bigger part than you may have thought!

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