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Who are you hanging with?

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A few years ago I heard a saying from Jim Rohn that has always stuck with me and shaped who I spend my time with (both in person & in the online world!)

“You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Whoever these 5 people are for you, they’ll have such a major influence in your life and results.

They’ll directly and indirectly shape your beliefs, habits, your views on the world and even what you eat – in a positive or negative way!

Listen to this short audio podcast to explore this in more detail & see if you’re surrounding yourself with the best type of people for you!

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As you may already have gathered, I’m super passionate about helping people like you to get your foundations rock solid in your working & personal life – by focusing upon your DESIGN, MINDSETS & STRATEGIES!

So let’s see how each of these can be impacted by your ‘famous five’!

Your 5 people will shape your Design! They’ll either always be challenging you to keep on stretching your goals and vision for what you can achieve and really going after your dreams.

Or some of them could be more critical, have no real goals to become or achieve more and are settling for life being just ‘ok’ and getting by.

In terms of your Mindsets, your 5 people influence them too.  This could be whether you believe that everything always happens to you and you’re just so unlucky or that you make your own luck and are the type of person that takes the reins in your hands and makes things happen!

And they will definitely impact on your Strategies.   Think about it in terms of your habits.   Are you surrounding yourself with people that encourage you to be proactive and go to events that will help you develop; read inspirational material; to constantly take actions towards your goals and who you want to become?

Or are they always wanting to talk about the latest episode of their favourite soaps or reality tv show, or perhaps the negative articles in the news or suffer from procrastination by always putting things off saying they will do it ‘someday’?

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So take 30 seconds now and write down the 5 people you spend the most time with and then ask yourself the following questions:

  • How have these people helped me or influenced me in holding myself back in aspects of me life & results?


  • Will I CHOOSE to spend more or less time with each person?


  • Who else would I like to spend more time with that will positively impact my results?

Make sure that you choose wisely, by surrounding yourself with people who you look up to and want to become more like, then build and nurture those relationships so they help you consistently move towards your goals.

A big thank you to all the great people I ‘hang’ around with (you know who you are!) that keep me on my toes & make sure I’m continually pushing & developing myself forward.  Not to forget who I have lots of fun & laughter with too!

Have a great week taking action & I look forward to sharing more with you again soon.

Kind regards

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