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Create a Movie Trailer for your Goals

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Don’t fall short by setting goals & not taking the next step that can turn it from ‘BLAH’ to ‘AHH’!

Watch this short RT-TV episode (4m 3s) to bring it to life …. ready LIGHTS, CAMERA & ACTION!

Setting goals alone will only get you so far!  Of course you need to take action but HOW you set your goals also plays a much bigger part than you may have thought!

You see, our minds are designed to use all of our senses – rather than just being very black & white or logical.  However, where some people fall short is that they take time to write down their goals but then don’t take the next important step!

So today, I’m going to share how this little extra step can really make a huge difference!

To start you need to be super, super, super clear about the goal that you are setting – DESIGN IT THE WAY YOU WANT IT TO BE!

From a NLP toolkit – there are 15 questions that I use when coaching clients and share during our NLP Practitioner course – to make sure that you really get under the surface and achieve the clarity around your goals!  (I bet that’s at least 14 more questions than you’d ask when setting a New Year’s Resolution!)

At this point, the goal can still be quite 1-dimensional and very logical BUT when you take a learning from the movie industry – it will create a Rapid Transformation!

We see trailers for upcoming movies all over the place – either at the cinema before the feature film starts, on the TV or internet!  They’re designed to really GRIP YOU – by giving you a preview of what to expect and tease you a little by not giving it all away either!  They engage with your senses – especially the visuals; the music and your emotions!

Ultimately, they are looking for you to make a conscious or unconscious decision – on whether you will go to see that movie in the future!

If the trailer isn’t inspiring you, you’re mind will know that it’s not floating your boat – so in the future that movie will come and go – without you even paying any attention to it!

However, on the flip-side – for the movies that you thought ‘yeah – that looks good’ – you will start to see and hear about it everywhere!   (Overhearing people talking about it; flicking through the TV channels & seeing the starts on a chat show; popping up on your web browser as your surfing away or even flicking through newspapers or magazine!)

That’s because, you’re mind knows it’s important to you and it’s going to constantly remind you or ‘show you’ the opportunity is still there for you to go see it!

So what’s that got to do with your own goal setting, in either your working or personal life, you may be asking!

Well, after you have gotten super detailed about your goal(s) – then do the next step of creating an internal movie trailer of your goal!

Think about it as you having achieved the goal and maybe even seeing some of the ‘story’ as you progress from where you are now until you make it happen!

I guarantee you that instead of it then feeling like a ‘paper & pen’ exercise – you will be so much more hooked into it and your mind will then be even more connected & hooked into making sure that you both spot & then take consistent action to make it all happen!

Can you see the difference – rather than just reading the goal on paper – you get to experience elements of it!

Plus, if your motivation dips at any point or you working through a little bump in the road – you get the press ‘play’ again & get re-inspired to keep moving on to make it happen!

So have fun, taking some time out to work on some of your goals and turn them from being ‘bland’ to Oscar winning performances!

‘Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions’

Albert Einstein

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Also, feel free to get out the popcorn whilst you’re creating your movie trailers too!

I look forward to sharing more with you next time.

Have an outstanding day.

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