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Have you ever felt anxious about something – it’s not a nice feeling is it?  It could be about a certain event that is just around the corner – like a test; an interview or a big important meeting!

Well I’ve great news for you today because I’m going to share a super quick strategy with you, so that you can combat those nasty feelings!

I use the word nasty because that’s what it is – as if you don’t it go it can really make an impact in your experiences, performance & results – in a not so good way!

So watch this short RT-TV episode (it’s 3m 18s) & all will be revealed.

Before we get into it – let me share a memory I have from my days at university.  One of my friends was a ‘study-aholic’ (is that even a word – well it is now!)  If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you could say she was a bit like Hermione Granger.

We’d study together at times and she used to be able to rhyme off all the facts, figures & content from the textbooks & lecture notes that she had spent hours devouring!  BUT when it came down to when it mattered – exam time – anxiety would strike!

How unfair is it that even though she knew her stuff & is super clever – those anxious feelings would eat away at her confidence & she would get herself into a right state.  You can just imagine then how frustrated & disappointed she was then when some of her exam results didn’t show a true reflection of her knowledge & capabilities!   (I only wish I knew what I know now – so I could have helped her with it!)

So what situations or events do you get anxious or stressed about – that you want to let go of?

Let’s lay the cards on the table & face facts.  One of the biggest reasons why you’d be feeling worried or anxious about something in the first place …. is because you’re either thinking, focusing or talking about all the things that could go WRONG!

This could be ….  ‘What if they ask me a question that I don’t know how to answer’ or ‘I bet I’ll have to do a three point turn in my driving test and it’s usually takes me 10 turns!!’ or countless other things depending on what it is that is causing you to feel uptight or anxious about!

So a real simple way that you can create an instant Rapid Transformation & let go of minor feelings of anxiety is to instead STOP and focus upon things GOING RIGHT!  (I told you it was simple but it’s so powerful when you do this!)

‘Worry is a misuse of the imagination.’

Dan Zadra

This could be you seeing yourself or feeling that no matter what questions you’re asked – you can handle it by keeping calm & collected!  Or putting in a few more practices around those areas or topics that you feel less confident around.

Let’s look at it a different way for a moment.  Does what you think is going to go wrong actually end up happening – well most often then not – it doesn’t!  So there is really no benefit from letting anxiety take hold – as it just wastes your time, energy & gives you heartache!

Of course, this one strategy helps you when anxiety starts to creep up but there are more advanced tools & techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Hypnosis,  that can automatically stop them coming up in the first place.  That’s because they tackle it by getting to the root cause of the anxiety, self belief & confidence issues.

The impact of this was again highlighted from one of our previous NLP Practitioner students, who for years couldn’t bring herself to drive on a motorway because as soon as she’d even contemplate it, she’d feel afraid & anxious!

By helping her put NLP techniques into good use during her course she was able to crack it!  I was chuffed to bits for her when I saw her Facebook post earlier this week, saying that she has now driven on a motorway!  (So if you’re reading this & you know who you are – then here’s a big public ‘well done’ to you for doing something about it!)

Right back to you now though, have fun kicking away any feelings of anxiety that you experience from now on – by remembering to FOCUS UPON WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN!

Remember as always, please share with me how you specifically plan to use & benefit from this Rapid Transformation strategy and any questions or thoughts you have.

All you need to do is pop a few words into the comment box below or through our dedicated Rapid Transformation Facebook page – or drop us an e-mail to:

There is so much more to come, so I look forward to bringing your next dose of Rapid Transformation to you again soon.

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