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Get Out Your Way Podcast

Turn Your Passion Into Profit with David Scott – 024

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‘I’m sorry, you’re being made redundant.’


Would you …. panic & die inside or be thrilled because this could be your chance?


  • Your chance to finally make your ‘one day’ dream come true today.
  • Your chance to start doing something you’re more passionate about.
  • Your chance to stop just plodding along or even worse being miserable about what you’re doing each day.


That’s what ‘Lord’ David Scott did when those words were said to him a couple of years ago.


But why do we sometimes wait for that external ‘thing’ to happen in order for us to change?


And the even scarier thought … what if that ‘thing’ never happens … will you still be waiting for that ‘someday’?  


So tune into my chat with David over on the podcast today, to hear why we constantly need to keep acting & adapting to change in our businesses.


Like when he was pursuing something that looked like an ‘opportunity’ but in fact it was more like a distraction but just dressed up in a fancy costume, taking him away from his real goals.


Plus we talk about the power that can come from doing something that you’re passionate about & how focusing on a narrow niche was a game changer for him.

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Here’s the links & resources for this episode:

* David is a Lord profile from the Wealth Dynamics profiling system.  Which one are you?  Discover what type of entrepreneur you are by taking the Wealth Dynamics test.

* Connect with David over on LinkedIn; his website or e-mail.

* Let’s jump on a call together & have a virtual cuppa (15 mins) to see how you can rapidly grow your business.  Book your call here.
* Also, be sure to take my FREE Business Growth Blocks Quiz here:
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I know you’ll get a ton of great insights & actions from the episode, so enjoy!


Best wishes as always.



P.s. – I’ll also for the first time ever reveal the top 10 things that keep me motivated or get me demotivated when it comes to growing my business.  I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to some of them & be surprised at others.

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