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Get Out Your Way Podcast

How to ride the Motivation Rollercoaster? – 023

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Very personal question … did you have a shower or bath today?

Hopefully you’ve answered ‘yes’ … or at least have washed recently 😉


But why do you do it regularly & not just once in a blue moon?


To keep clean, fresh & to avoid people holding their noses when around you.


So when’s the last time you gave the same time & attention to your MOTIVATION?


Because let’s be real …. motivation levels can go up.  


They can go down.  


They can also feel like they’re somersaulting all over the place & going around a loop-da-loop, when riding the rollercoaster of business.


Want the good news?  You can control your motivation levels!


When you do this … you can catch them before they go on the downward spiral or top them up when needed to keep them riding high.


But to do that … you need to dig deep & uncover something that’s often neglected or taken for granted by most business owners & entrepreneurs that I’ve worked with.


When you know it though … it will help you to get out your way & keep your motivation levels skyrocketing … not just now but in the long term too!


So tune into today’s free podcast episode, where we can dive into this particular NLP tool in more detail.


Not only will you thank me … but your business will thank us both too, when you listen in & then take action.

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Enjoy & catch up on the other side.


Best wishes as always.



P.s. – I’ll also for the first time ever reveal the top 10 things that keep me motivated or get me demotivated when it comes to growing my business.  I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to some of them & be surprised at others.

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