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Get Out Your Way Podcast

Be different from your competitors – 025

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Be different … stand out from the crowd .. focus on your USP …


Yep I’m sure you’ve heard things like that before.


By why’s it so important?


Because if you don’t, you’ll simply blend in.


You’ll make life harder for yourself when it comes to growing your business.


Plus, you’ll make it harder for your perfect customers to choose you easily & I know you don’t want that, right?


The good news is that you can still have the same or very similar products or services as other ‘competitors’ out there in the marketplace & still be different.


It really all comes down to you choosing your unique recipe for how you cook things up, which will make the difference.


In today’s podcast episode, I bring to life a very powerful & practical strategy that will help you to make sure you’re swimming in the clear blue ocean, instead of thrashing around in the crowded red ocean (filled with blood & piranhas).


You’ll also get to hear why I’m more of a Starbucks fan than Costa. What makes my favourite hotel chain my favourite. Plus how I used recently used the blue ocean strategy to create the unique 90 day Rapid Transformation Mastermind experience.

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Here’s the links & resources for this episode:

* Discover what type of entrepreneur you are by taking the Wealth Dynamics test.

* ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ by Chan Kim & Mauborgne

* Let’s jump on a call together & have a virtual cuppa (15 mins) to see how you can rapidly grow your business.  Book your call here.
* Also, be sure to take my FREE Business Growth Blocks Quiz here:
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So tune in today & you’ll see where you can either fine-tune or overhaul how you can stand out in your industry.


Best wishes as always.


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