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‘I already know this’

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If you ever hear yourself think or say, ‘But I already know this’
…. be warned!

Especially if it’s whilst you’re in the learning mode – (at a conference or training event; during a coaching session; going through an online course; reading a blog or book; watching a video or listening to a podcast …)


Because from my experience, this is often your unconscious mind sending a signal to you saying …. ‘Yes you may have heard this before ….but are you truly doing it or putting it into action consistently?’

Otherwise if you were doing it & seeing the benefit from it, your mind would have instead flagged something else that would be more beneficial for you.

Remember, knowledge or information is totally worthless, unless you act upon it.

So the next time you hear yourself say those word (or similar), really be honest with yourself & take it as a positive signal that you’ve got another chance to take action.

When it comes to growing your business & developing yourself, it’s often the most simple things staring us in our faces that can lead to rapid transformations.

Have a fun week taking positive actions & speak again soon.

Best wishes as always.

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