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Worst advice ever

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Do you ‘accidentally’ tune into other people’s conversations when out & about? Please say you do, so it’s not just me who’s ‘curious’!

Yesterday I popped into a new coffee shop Primal Roast, to get some creative juices flowing over a skinny flat white coffee.

There I was working away & minding my own business, when I couldn’t help overhearing 2 guys at the table next to me talking about their businesses.

You need to get more focused & stop wasting your time.’, said one guy to the other! I agree with what he said ….well up to this point!

‘But only give them one chance to buy … if they don’t buy there & then, just forget them & move onto the next person’, he went onto say!

It took great willpower for me to not spit my coffee out, throw my notebook over at him & shout ….‘You can’t be serious!!!’

Because what rubbish advice that is!

Think about it ….do you always buy straight away? NO!

Everyone has different buying strategies. Some folks whip out their money or card before they even think about it, but a lot of people are less impulsive!

Especially if it’s a new product, service or opportunity from you, they often need to suss you out, decide if you’re the real deal & if your ‘thing’ will work for them!

So please please …. do the opposite of what that guy said.

When someone expresses an interest in what you have, go on a journey with them. Think of it as a relationship, where you’re getting to know each other.

It could be as simple as keeping in touch. Honestly you’d be surprised at how many people don’t actually follow up again … even if they’d promised they would.

Or sharing a sample or trial of your product or service. Then genuinely following up to see how they got on with it.

Even by sending them things that they’d find useful – like blogs; newsletters or short videos.

The list is endless … just get creative!

Be patient though … instead of being short sighted & getting disheartened if it feels like it’s taking ages! Because do you want a business that truly lasts & continues to grow over the years, or one that’s here & gone tomorrow?

Some of my coaching & mentoring clients decide to work with me right away & for others, it can be months or years later!

‘I’ve been reading your blogs for a while’ or ‘I came to a workshop you ran a while ago’ or ‘Every time I see your post come up on Facebook, I’ve thought .. I need to get in touch with you Osmaan.’.

These are things I often hear, when I get back in touch with people or when they contact me, to take the next step to grow their business or overcome that burning challenge they’re facing.

‘No thanks’ are also words you’ll no doubt hear often.  And that’s perfectly ok too!

In these cases, I wouldn’t spend your time or energy feeling like you’ve failed or even actively trying to convince them to change their mind. Because there’s plenty of other customers or clients out there who’ll want the amazing things you have to offer & you’ll be the perfect fit for them.

But you also never know, if you’ve left a great impression on them, they may cross your paths again, if & when the time is right for them.

I hope you’ve gotten value from me eavesdropping on those guys!

Drop me a quick reply in the comments below & let me know what you’re going to do as a result?

Best wishes as always.

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