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Breakdowns & Breakthroughs

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Have you ever had that moment when things seem to be going really well … you’re on fire & excited about all the great plans you’ve got for your business.


Then you seem to hit a brick wall or even worse feel like you’ve somehow shifted into reverse gear?


Why does that happen & is that ‘normal’ for business owners & entrepreneurs?


Erm … yes … TOTALLY!


From personally experiencing this over the last 10 years & also seeing it first hand with lots of my business coaching & mentoring clients, I actually believe it’s a good thing!


Why?  Because it’s a way in which your unconscious mind is really testing you. The vast majority of times a breakdown moment happens just before you get your biggest breakthrough, that will make a huge impact on your results!


So next time you’re feeling like you’re having a breakdown or hit a dip, then look at it in a positive way & see what you’re going to do with it.


It may signal for you that it’s time for you to let go of those things in the past that have been holding you back; or that it’s time for you to raise your prices or to stop playing small & step things up!


Whatever it is for you, embrace it & see if for what is it … an opportunity for you!


Go on & think back to a time when you’ve personally experienced a ‘breakdown’ moment.  One where as a result you got a new revelation or that helped spark that renewed motivation or determination within you.  I bet you’re now glad that happened in the first place, as without it … you never know what could have happened or not happened!


For some it was just the kick up the backside they needed to consider what needed to change, whilst for others it helped them see the progress the’ve made on their journey & what they need to do to keep that momentum going.


Have a fun filled week focused on rapidly growing your business.


Best wishes as always.

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