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It’s pretty hard these days to flick through the TV channels & not come across some episodes of Friends.  Not that I’m complaining, as even though I’ve watched most of the episodes countless times over the years, they can still make me laugh!


Especially this episode ….

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On a serious note though, there’s loads we can learn from by the power of pivoting in business.  Watch this short RT-TV episode to hear what you can do right now to create rapid transformations in your business

Often when I’m starting to work with new coaching clients, they think that everything they’re doing (or not doing) needs an overhaul.  But in fact, it’s often small fine-tuning & tweeks that can create big changes to their results!


So have a think about what you’ve been doing lately & the impact it’s been having on your business.  For those areas, where you want to improve things, then think about what could you do to ‘pivot’ things & see what happens.


It could be making a small change to the title of your next webinar, course or blog post.


Or pivoting how you tend to communicate the awesome value that your product or service can bring to your ideal client.


It may be that you’re not totally harnessing & using your entrepreneurial superpowers yet & by doing so that can make a rapid transformation for you!


It’s all about testing, experimenting & staying curious around how you can make things better!


Let me know what you’re going to pivot this week by dropping a comment below.


Best wishes as always

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