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Go Back To Basics – 080

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Technology … I absolutely love it!


I’m like a kid in a sweetie shop when I walk inside an Apple Store.


Remember the days of dial up internet … or even no internet!! How did we ever live & seriously how did businesses operate without technology?


But you know something, gadgets & new shiny things can also get in our way & negatively impact our business.


You heard me right … sometimes we think that we need to go all ‘fancy pants’ to grow your business & can abandon the ‘old school’ ways that were working well for us.


In today’s podcast episode, I’ll share some real-life examples of how technology risked slowing growth down for me & my clients.


You’ll also get to hear why my client last week said, ‘Osmaan, you sound just like my wife!’, when I was helping him focus on short term business strategy.


After you tune in, I’m sure you’ll start to fall back in love with some of those basics that could still work really well for you.


You’ll also see why I’m definitely not anti-technology or against moving with the times. I’m the first one to freak out when the internet goes down for even a few minutes!! But it’s definitely about striking the balance.

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Best wishes as always.

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