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Get Out Your Way Podcast

What Are You Focusing On? – 081

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There’s 148,000,000 websites that pop up when you type in ‘To be wealthy’ in good old Google.


Compare that to 803,000,000 results for ‘Don’t want to be poor’.


What does that tell you?


Many more people focus on the negative instead of the positive!


That’s truly scary because your mind is just like a search engine.  So what are you asking your internal Google, Alexa or Siri?


Be honest, when you’re talking or speaking to yourself in your head (don’t worry … we all do it), is your focus more on what you want to happen vs. what you don’t want to happen?


How is that impacting your results & business growth?


In this week’s short podcast episode, I’ll bring to life even more about the power of being deliberate & more selective with your focus.


You’ll hear me share some real-life stories about some of the common ways business owners are sabotaging their success …. without even realising it.

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Best wishes as always.

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