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How Your Emotional Baggage Impacts Business – 079

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My heart would start to race whilst tucking into my Weetabix every Monday morning, in the Marks & Spencer staff canteen.

Because I knew that I’d soon be stuck in a long commercial meeting with all the store management team.


Why did I hate it so much?  Because the meeting was focused upon sales figures & numbers.


And I’d stare at the massive spreadsheet in front of me trying to make sense of what it all meant & especially the numbers that I needed to report on, like absence rates & costs.


I couldn’t quite understand why I had that reaction week in & week out …. because I got great grades in Maths at school & even studied Maths in the first year of university.


I only figured it out when I went on my first NLP course.


Guess where it stemmed from …. from one event when I was a little boy & couldn’t quite get my head around a something to do with money.


In that memory, I then heard myself say ‘ohh this just doesn’t make sense’ & felt really stupid.


And that one event had a ripple effect from that moment on.  Especially when it came to all things to do with money & numbers that related to commercial figures … like sales & targets!


I was carrying around emotional baggage from the past & not even realising the impact it was having on me in terms of my role in business.


So why I am sharing this with you?


Because I see emotional baggage from the past getting in the way for so many business owners …. and they don’t realise it!


But the good news is that it’s pretty easy to let go of, so it stops having such a negative impact on you & your business.


In this week’s podcast episode, I dive into this in more detail for you.   You’ll get to hear just how much your mind is working on autopilot & using your past to determine your current reality & then as a result …. your future.


You’ll get to see practical ways to realise if you may have some past emotional baggage lurking away in the background but is holding you & your business back.  Plus how you can kiss goodbye to it.

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Best wishes as always.

p.s. – The good news is that I get excited about all things to do with sales figures & targets now … especially when I see my clients smash their targets.

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