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Could You Be Too Attached In Your Business? – 066

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‘Right, at 4pm we’ll head to see Big Ben.’

Then we’ll walk towards Trafalgar Square & stop off to eat dinner in Covent Garden.

That will give us enough time to then walk back down to the river before we head over to have a drink at the South Bank.

I’ve mapped out the route …..’


That’s when I shuddered & stopped eavesdropping into the conversation between 2 ladies whilst on the Virgin train zooming down to London … completely minding my own business, of course.


Yes, she was totally excited about their trip to London.


They’d obviously planned everything out in a very meticulous way.


And I get that we all have different personalities & like to do things in different ways.


But come on now.  Think about those memorable trips that you’ve been on in the past.


What do they have in common?


For me, it’s when things unfold in ways that wasn’t completely expected.


Like when you stumbled upon a random coffee shop, that fast becomes your new favourite.


Or you get lost but then end up being so happy about it, because it helped you find an amazing view.


My birthday trip to Amsterdam with my best mate the other week was exactly like that & it was totally memorable.


But something I see time & time again with business owners, is that they can get so attached with things having to happen or be a certain way.


Or they think they’re making bold new decisions … when in fact, their decisions are being clouded by them still being attached to their past decisions or ideas.


That’s why you’ve got to pay attention to how ATTACHED you are!


Because if you’re attached too strongly & in certain ways, it can end up stifling you or making you want to give up, if you hit a roadblock.


Plus I want to make sure you’re not falling into the trap of being past-present attached, instead of present-future attached!


Scratching your head & thinking … what’s the different & how can you tell?


Well listen into this week’s podcast episode, where I’ll explain it all … with lots of practical examples that I’m sure you’ll relate too.


So come on … do you think you could be too attached in your business?


Let’s find out.

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Best wishes as always.

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