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Is Your Team Helping or Hindering? – 067

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Guess what most of my clients say they’d love in their business … well apart from more sales?


Extra hands on deck to help them get everything on their massive & never-ending to-do list done.


But in reality … it’s not always like the saying … ‘Team work makes the dream work’.


Because if you don’t set your team up for real success, it can be more like a freaking nightmare than a dream!


Just like it was for Gordon Bombay, when he started coaching the Mighty Ducks … (you can blame Disney Life for getting me hooked back to films from my childhood, as I now watch them with Kaiyas & Aaron).


And when I say ‘team’ .. for you it could be an employee or someone you outsource work to or a freelancer.


The baffling thing is that even though most of my clients have managed individuals & teams back in the corporate world, when it comes to their own business … they find it really hard work & can sometimes end up wanting to pull their hair out!


So in this week’s podcast episode, let me share 5 key things that can help make sure your current team flying together in the same direction.


Even if you don’t have a ‘team’ yet but are planning on getting some help around your business (which I strongly suggest you do), then you’re going to want to hear this one.


These include:


  • Why it’s great to get help … so stop shying away from it.
  • You’re the boss & it’s down to you to provide clear directions.
  • Get used to the fact that no-one is going to care about your business as much as you do.
  • Understand & harness each other’s superpowers & be transparent about your different talents.
  • When issues arise, sort it out ASAP instead of letting things linger on & on.



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Best wishes as always.

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