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Why is it that you do what you in your business?

Are you super clear on that?

If not, do you often find yourself flitting between ‘this’ & ‘that’ – because everything seems like a good idea or a great ‘opportunity’?

I recorded this super short (1m 31s) video while I was in Bali recently, to help you see why it’s super important!


It really doesn’t matter if you call it your ‘Why’, your ‘purpose’ or your ‘enterprise promise’, you just got to decide what it is!

Because it will give you so much more clarity on how to spend your time, what you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to and keeping focused on YOUR mission!

To help you figure it out or get even more solid on it, ask yourself these questions:


  • Why am I choosing to do this?


  • What would I like my ‘promise’ to be for my company/customers/clients?


For me, the ‘enterprise promise’ here at Rapid Transformation is to ‘Embrace entrepreneurship from the inside-out!’


It’s simple & acts as a strong compass for everything that I get involved in here, to help individuals like you to grow your business!

I’d love to know what it is drives you & makes you want to continue to grow your business, so share it with me in the comments below.

Best wishes

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