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What’s around the corner?

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Earlier this week, my beautiful wife & I went away to Venice for a few days to celebrate our 7th Wedding Anniversary!

 Honestly if you haven’t been there yet … it’s definitely a place to add to your ‘must go to’ list!

It was a really relaxing trip, where we wandered around exploring the place & never quite knowing what was around the corner.

It also helped inspire a couple of powerful business insights whilst taking the time out of ‘work’ mode.

So I took a couple of minutes to record a super quick video to share them with you, so you can also see how they could help you in growing your business.


Here’s a summary of them ….

  • It’s great to have goals but don’t be too rigid or over plan … you lose the fun, spontaneity & the chance to explore!  You need to fully immerse yourself, as often you literally don’t know what’s around the corner.


  • The people you surround yourself makes a huge difference! Being in business yourself can be pretty lonely but it doesn’t have to be that way. So be sure to connect & surround yourself with those who are on a similar path as you.


  • There’s only so much you can get from watching or reading from the sidelines. The real magic happens when you dive in & truly experience it! So be sure to take action & not just ‘think’ about it!


So how can these 3 things help you?

Share your key thoughts & actions about what you’re going to do as a result below.

Best wishes as always.

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