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So this post isn’t about getting you pumped up & motivated to ‘just do it’.


Because sometimes that may be the opposite of what you really want or need.


Instead it’s about you being confident in choosing what’s right for you …. even if that means stop doing certain projects, tasks or even your current business or idea!


Gulp … yeah you heard me right!


This week alone, I’ve spoken to 3 business owners who are really questioning if they are going to continue to stick it out & grow their business or if they should just ‘give up’ on it now.


That’s often the first problem or mindset block we can have … thinking about it as ‘giving up’ …. or that it’s a bad thing necessarily!


Well it’s not always the case … because by ‘giving up’ you’re in effect creating a change in your life & that can lead to a new chapter or a different type of journey ahead to still achieve your bigger goals & visions. But just perhaps taking a different route or journey!


We’re just human and it’s ok to change our minds! Yikes, I wanted to be a policeman when I was in school & then a computer scientist for a while! (That later one doesn’t bare thinking about & makes me shiver now!).


Then I decide it was the HR corporate ladder for me & I started to climb up it fast! But then, instead I stumbled upon a way that I could do more of what I was interested in & loved … whilst having my own business!


I truly love what I do now & look back being so grateful that I ‘gave up’ on my old dream of continuing that corporate ladder. Because I wouldn’t be doing this now otherwise!


But what stops us from making those decisions to change things or not?


Often it comes down to the fact that we spend too much time worrying about how much time we’ve already spent; or money we’ve invested; the blood, sweat or tears that we’ve put in or even what other people will think.


So instead, we can continue to keep on going …. even though we know it’s not really want we want anymore & try to ignore or bury those feelings.


This is similar to the ‘Sunk Cost’ fallacy in economics! When we falsely think the only option is to keep on going!


Remember that time when you took that different road when driving …. thinking that it’s going to get you to where you want to go …. but about 20 minutes later you realise it’s taking you to the complete opposite direction that you wanted to go! But you struggle with the thought of having to do a U-turn or change routes now, because you’ve just ‘wasted’ that time & also the extra time it will take you to get back on track!


But what would happen if you just bury your head in the sand & keep on going on that same road! Yes you may get somewhere but it may be somewhere completed different from where you want to be!


So does this mean those 3 business owners (or YOU) should throw in the towel & be done with it?


Well that depends ….


You need to seriously ask yourself what’s at the root of this ‘aaggghhh’ moment – to help you move forward!


If it’s because you’re just not getting the results or traction with things in the way you wanted to …. but the business, vision or idea still excited you & connect to your ‘DESIGN’. Then it may be more down to your MINDSETS or STRATEGIES that need to be tweeked or overhauled, so you create changes & aren’t at your wits end anymore! In this case, keep on going for sure & create the changes that will help you achieve your goals!


But on the other hand, if you honestly know that deep down it doesn’t fit in with your DESIGN or goals anymore, then maybe it’s time you gave yourself the permission to choose a new way forward …. without thinking of it as ‘giving up’, ‘quitting’ or ‘failing’. Because it doesn’t matter how positive your MINDSETS or STRATEGIES are … if your growing something that you don’t truly want anymore or in the same way.


The beauty of being a business owner or entrepreneur is that you can control your decisions & life! So truly embrace that & remember you have choices!


I’m excited to see what decisions these 3 business owners make going forward. I have my hunch that 2 of them will keep on going (but need to address their MINDSETS & STRATEGIES to get the results they want & deserve). For the other 1, I believe they need to focus their attention on their DESIGN & make sure that it’s current & up-to-date for what they want.


I hope this helps you in someway if you’re currently having some of these thoughts or if they ever creep in at some point in the future!



Best wishes as always.

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