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If you ever feel like you’re wasting your time, then you definitely need to calculate your ‘hourly rate’.

It’ll help you think twice about spending your time doing something that really isn’t going to help you in the longer term to grow your business.

Have a watch of this quick video I recorded for you while I was in Bali, where I’ll show you how to figure out for you right now.


A big thank you to my good friend Natalie Sisson, who shared this golden nugget with me & other entrepreneurs during her recent retreat.

Basically decide what you’re revenue goal is for the next 12 months, then divide that by how many days you’d like to work during the year & divide that by the number of hours you’d like to work per day!  Then viola … you’ll have your ‘hourly rate’

Are you surprised or not by your ‘hourly rate’?  Share your insights or reactions in the comments below.

Best wishes

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