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Do you see yourself as being a business owner or business leader or entrepreneur?

Cause you’d be surprised at how many ex-corporate professionals who are now trying to grow their own business, still don’t make that identity shift!

I see it all the time & honestly, that was me too in the first couple of years too.

I was still acting like an employee of my business, instead of really being the business owner.

You may be sitting here thinking, so shat …. does it really matter Osmaan?

Yes, yes & yes!!

Because how you see yourself, will influence your beliefs & it can cause a dominos effect on what you then do or don’t end up doing.

Honestly, it will seep into everything & every part of your business.

But when you realise & acknowledge it, you can then change that & step up to OWN that new identity.

And then that’s when the real magic & transformations can happen.

Suddenly those strategies you were attempting to use, start working better for you, because you’re much more adaptive & see things differently.

You become much clearer or even bolder with the goals because, you’ve realised that it’s really down to you!

Plus, it really helps you to focus & put a real dent in your industry.

In this week’s podcast episode, I dive deep into the importance of really being honest about how you see yourself & what you can do to shift your identity.

If you hesitate at all to call yourself a successful business owner, business leader or entrepreneur (or other positive words like that), then this episode is for you!

Enjoy & let me know what resonates with you after you’ve tuned in.