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Toxic goals in your business & life?

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I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that goals are super important in business!  They help guide our time, focus & actions, so that what you want to make happens … actually happens!

But if you set toxic goals … that’s not so good!

Have a listen to this quick audio podcast, where I’ll bring it to life for you & share some tips so you don’t do that!

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Let me explain ….


If you ever hear yourself say things like,

“I’ll be happy when _____________”


“When I get __________ then I’ll ______________”


“I need __________ before _______________”

Because when you do that, you could be putting off spotting or acting upon opportunities that are right here … right now!

Seriously … you don’t have to wait to be happy until you reach a certain goal or milestone. You can be happy right now & while you’re making that happen.

You don’t need to wait to start your business until you have your website finished, your ‘this’ or ‘that’ created … get out there & start talking to your ideal clients about it!

Often you’ll have all the resources that you need right now at your fingertips or could still make it happen in some other way .   So again do you really need to wait until something in the future happens to do it? No!

So before you set your next goals for your life & business … be sure to turn on your ‘toxic monitor’ to smoke them out!

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Best wishes

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