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Protect yourself & your business from Emotional Vampires

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What kind of results do you get when your mood or feelings are low?

Yeah not great ones, right?

That’s why when it comes to starting or growing your business – you need to really on guard & protect yourself from ‘Emotional Vampires’!

You know those people who just suck the energy out of you & put a dampener on how things.

So have a listen to my Public Service Announcement below & hear what my top tips are to make sure you don’t let them negatively impact you or your business!

(You’ll be glad to know … it doesn’t involve you needing garlic & a wooden stake!)

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Here’s a few practical things that will help you for sure, when need to protect yourself from those people who are always winging, focusing on the negative side of life; see everything as being a risk or think you’re mad for choosing to do what you’re doing with your life?

You are in control!

Realise that people can’t actually ‘make’ you feel a certain way. How many times have you said or heard people around you say, ‘They made me feel like ______’.

In actual fact, it’s totally up to us whether we respond in a way that is positive or negative, because they in fact aren’t actually hopping into our minds & doing anything. Even by realising this, it can help you stop giving certain people too much ‘power’ in your mind & take back control!

Listen with your ‘bubble’ on.

At times, it’s easier to just listen to them for a little while but that doesn’t mean you need to actually take on board what they are saying or agree with it? So whatever it takes for you … put up your shield, bubble or cloak & just let the negatively bounce away!

A good friend of mine Alison always says, when listening to someone, ‘You don’t need to jump into the puddle with them.’

Stop spending time around them.

Yes, at times the best strategy could be to limit the amount of time you spend around them.   It maybe harsh to banish them from your life, if it’s the first time they are being ‘negative’ or Mr or Mrs Cynical.

But if it’s a constant thing like a broken record, remember you have a choice how you want to spend your time. Instead how about surrounding yourself with people who will help inspire, motivate & keep you moving forward?

Be straight with them!

Honesty is often the best policy, especially as sometimes people don’t realise themselves quite how much of a ‘Emotional Vampire’ they are being.

(WARNING: I’d suggest you don’t say ‘You are being such an Emotional Vampire’!)

But if they are talking about something that could potentially have an impact on affecting how you choose to think, feel or act in a negative way – then speak up!

This could be direct like, ‘I really want to keep my positivity high as I’m excited about what I’m doing, so can we talk about something else please.’

Or it can be more indirect, by steering the conversation to a different subject or in a way that can help you both focus more on the results and choices you have, instead of on excuses or blame.

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Right, so what are you going to do that will positively impact & protect you from any ‘Emotional Vampires’ in your life?


Share a quick comment below & let me know.  (Of course you don’t have to mention any names!)


All the best & I look forward to sharing more with you again soon.

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