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Let’s get real …. having your own business and being your own boss can be a real headache at times!

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I love the fact that some people think that I (& other entrepreneurs) have such an ‘easy working life’.

They think it’s all travelling around the place; not being stuck in an office; not having a boss breathing down your neck & spending countless hours during the day working from coffee shops.

(Ok disclosure ….  I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now typing this before heading on a train down to London … so some of it’s true !)

But in reality they don’t see what really goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen.

Yeah you don’t have to clock in & clock out or work set hours.  But sometimes that would be amazing to have! As often we’re working ‘9 till 5’ x 2 in one day & rarely actually totally switch off  … even when you’re sitting watching a movie on the sofa!

Those around you – including your partner, family & friends may think you’re an obsessed ‘workaholic’, as you seem to be always thinking & talking about what’s going on about what’s happening (or not happening).

You’re in charge & get to make the decisions for what to do.  This can be hard at times, as the buck really stops with you!

So yes there are those sleepless nights.

Sometimes because you’re so excited about what you’re doing or the plans you have …. You just want to get stuck in & do it all now!

Other times it’s because you are pulling your hair out because it’s crunch time, a ‘crisis’ has come up that you need to figure out or you really want to make sure your latest product/service; promotion or idea is a roaring success!

You don’t just wake up with a fully grown business with everything working like clockwork!  It can take time, effort, blood, sweat & tears!

Even when you recognise that you can’t do it all yourself & get help to do the things that are outside your talents or zone of genius … this can be challenging too!  As your business is your ‘baby’.

You’ll be the one that will care the most about it.  You’ll have super high standard & expectations.  This can lead to many disappointments & feelings of ‘I should just do it all myself!’ … that is until you find those right people, who you can really trust & whilst also trusting yourself to let go more!

…… I could go on & on with examples! ……  But I’m sure you get the drift.  It’s not totally a bed of roses & holidays!

So why am I sharing this with you?

To stop you from thinking about this as a path that you may want to go down? Or to decide to throw in the towel if you’ve just started your own business?

No of course not!

It’s just to paint a truer picture for you into what it really takes.  As sometimes you may be thinking, is it really worth it & am I the only one who’s finding this hard work at times?

Of course many of what I shared above is down to you (& me) as an individual too, plus the stage you’re at with your business & who you have helping you.

Your own experience, personality & wealth & talent dynamics profile can also make a difference to how you think, act & feel generally.  So you really need to know these & play to your strengths as much as you can!

Would I change the choices I took to be an entrepreneur and business owner?

Not at all!!

Because there are so so so many upsides too.

You get to do something that truly lights you up & you’re passionate about, whilst adding so much value to those you choose to be your customers or clients.

You’ll get to see your idea or plans really coming alive before your eyes & continuing to grow too!

Yes you get to take those risks but also get the rewards that came with it too.

You’ll personally learn & develop in ways you can’t even imagine, compared to be in a more traditional & focused ‘job’.

You get to decide … Everything !

Plus my favourite part ….

You’ll meet so many amazing people through your journey too.

When I think back over the past nearly 8 years and all the wonderful clients; workshop participants; team members; suppliers & partners; fellow business owners & friends I’ve made … it makes it all truly worthwhile.

So what’s sparked for you whilst reading this?  Please do share it with me by hitting reply to this email.

Enjoy the rest of your day, week & journey ahead.

Speak again soon.

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