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Are you in the know?

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Do you agree that there’s a huge difference between knowing something & doing something?

You may know how to make amazing pancakes because you read an amazing recipe by Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver.   But until you get in the kitchen & whip up a batch – you’re not going to be able to taste them for real, are you?

This is also so true in the world of business.

You may have been on a workshop, listened to a webinar, read a book or learned something new & shiny recently …. but are you putting it into action?

If you’re not then that time, energy & money you spent … is well … just a waste of time, energy & money!

I’ll admit that I’m a bit of an ‘information junkie’ at times.  I love learning & seeing what’s happening ‘out there’ in the world of business.

But I also know that I need to kick myself at times & be reminded that it’s only worthwhile if I actually do something with it.  This could be to develop myself or my business further or to be able to share it with my clients, as I help them to start or grow their businesses.

So if you ever hear yourself reading or watching something & thinking … ‘I’ll skip over this part because I already know this.’  …. then take a minute & ask yourself ‘But have I actually put it into practice?’. 

I also find this to be true when I’m seeing the same ‘messages’ bombarding me from lots of different places …. while scrolling down my Facebook feed, similar conversations that keep cropping up or articles I happen to have stumbled upon.

It’s often a wake up call for me to pay attention & take even more action around that.  Or to plug back in, as I may have ‘known’ it in the past but have not been implementing it as much recently.

Over to you now!

What is something that you know will create a Rapid Transformation for you or your business, which you’ve learnt but not fully actioned yet?  

Take a quick minute to drop a comment below & share what action you’re going to take, as it will help make sure you really commit to it!

Go on … do it!  You’ll thank yourself for it … I promise!

I look forward to sharing even more insights & tips with you next time.

But only if you actually do something with them!  Otherwise you won’t really get to experience the real benefits from them & that would be sad, wouldn’t it? 🙁 

Have a great day.

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