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Can you fake it till you make it?

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Think of your biggest goal or that ‘thing’ you really want to achieve for your business in the not too distant future.

You got one in mind?

Ok I want you to act as if you have made it happen already!  Like it’s happening right now!  You’ve heard of ‘fake it till you make it’, haven’t you?

How does that feel?

Does it light you up, make you feel excited & feel ‘real’?

If so – that’s great – as it means that your mind is bought into your ‘goal’ & you’re on that journey to make it happen.  So keep on taking action each & every single day and stop reading anymore of this e-mail & get back to it!

“What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill

On the other hand, if your saying something to yourself like, ‘that’s never going to happen?’ … or you’re even struggling to pretend it’s happening for you just now …. then take this as a wake up call!

Because that could means that somewhere inside of your mind ….. there are doubts, negative emotions or a lack of belief lingering around.

Trust me, you really don’t want them loitering around or clogging up any space, so get rid of them.  As they’ll only hold you back or sabotage your chances of success.

Ask yourself, ‘what seems to be missing, which is stopping me from even imagining it as a possibility just now?’

This can help you start to see what you need to focus upon or plug into instead.

I know both from personal experience & from working with my coaching clients, how those pesky negative ‘thoughts’ can grow arms & legs if they’re not tackled.

Because if your mind can’t even imagine you achieving something, then in reality it’s very unlikely to happen.

The good news is that it’s really easy to let go of these limitations or things that are holding you back ….. even if they’ve been handing around for a good while or what seems like ‘forever’.

If you want a helping hand to banish them, then contact me & we can talk more about how to specifically make it happen for you.

Enjoy the rest of the week & speak again soon.

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