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The Power of a Digital Detox – 011

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I was seriously addicted …. to my phone & being constantly connected to the ‘social’ world.


So you can imagine the surprised look on my wife’s face when I said … ‘I’m going to go on a digital detox during our 2 week family holiday.’


That meant ….


  • No emails.
  • No Facebook; Instagram; LinkedIn; Snapchat or Twitter.
  • No text messages; Whatsapp; Messenger; Zoom or Skype.
  • No listening to podcasts or reading ‘work’ related stuff.


At the start I thought …. ‘Can I really survive without them for 2 weeks?’.  


Would you be able to?


But guess what … I didn’t just survive …. I totally thrived without them.


It’s honestly been one of the best things I’ve done, as we had such an amazing family holiday & I’ve come back feeling super refreshed.  A huge part of that was because I was unplugged.  Plus, my business actually grew whilst I was away.


And now that I’ve come back & am back ‘online’, I’ll definitely be changing my habits around my phone & being connected.


If you think that you’ve got an ‘unhealthy’ relationship with your phone & the online world … then definitely tune into this week’s podcast episode.


It’s an episode with a difference … as I recorded the first part BEFORE I went, so you could hear more about why I was going on the detox & the practical steps that I took so that I didn’t get tempted to break it.


You’ll then get to jump forward 2 weeks with me & hear my 5 biggest takeaways from having done it.


I’m sure you’ll get lots from tuning in & it may even spark you to go on a digital detox for a few hours … a day … a couple of days .. a week … a fortnight or even longer!!



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I’d love to hear your thoughts, so drop me a quick comment below & let me know what your biggest insights are from the episode & if you think you can survive a digital detox.


Best wishes as always.

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