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Pushing yourself too much?

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‘How will I know if I’m pushing myself too much?’.

A fab question from one of my coaching client earlier this week, don’t you think?

When it comes to moving from where you are just now to where you’d like to be, I know it’ll push you in more ways than one!  That’s just part of the journey & life of being a great business owner or an entrepreneur.

I don’t know of any successful business owner who didn’t feel that stretch, when they committed to hitting that next milestone or result in their business.

So let’s not kid ourselves on thinking that it’s going to be a walk in the park & easy!  If it was that easy, everybody would do it … but they don’t!

Of course there are so many ways that we can make it easier.  Like spending as much time focusing on areas of our talents & strengths; getting help from others & being crystal clear about where we’re heading.

But expect to feel STRETCHED … if you don’t, then you’re not pushing yourself as far as you can.

Think about it like going to the gym or working out, stretching is key to help you get fitter in a safe way!  Stretching pushing you out of your comfort zones & helps you go after things that you may not even realise you could achieve.

However, you could also overdo it really easily without realising it.  That’s when you’ll feel STRAINED.   That’s no fun at all is it?  When you strain a muscle – it’s ouch!

If you’re feeling totally strained in your business, then the chances are that you are pushing yourself too much.  You may be trying to run before you can walk or attempting to do too many things at the same time with limited time or resources.  At these times, it’s about taking a step back, being honest & reprioritising.

It’s so much better doing some things really well to grow yourself & your business, rather than trying to do everything & achieving not much!

Do you know the difference between being stretched or strained for you?

Where are you feeling too strained just now? Please do leave me a short comment below or on the Rapid Transformation Facebook page  plus share what you’re going to do about it now.

I look forward to sharing even more with you again soon.

Have a fantastic day.

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