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Overthinking & Under ‘Doing’? – 087

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Last week I climbed up Conic Hill, which is just a short drive away from Glasgow.


In reality, it’s a tiny hill but in my head it was like I was about to trek up Everest. Especially considering even climbing up the stairs in my house was challenging at the start of last year, after my trampoline accident & knee surgery.


After my friend David suggested we go, I started to quickly go down the path of thinking & overthinking about how tough it would be in my head… why the weather wasn’t the best cause Storm Brendan was blowing that week & 7562 other reasons of why to not do it.


That’s what happens when you start overthinking things, right?


And that is often what is keeping business owners stuck too!


Because when we get into that loop of overthinking …. the actual ‘doing’ & getting the results suffers.


So in this week’s podcast episode, I take you on a quick journey with me to share some practical tips on how you can do more doing … instead of doing more thinking.


You’ll also hear me share how this little achievement (massive in my head) has helped me commit to climb Ben Nevis by my next birthday in August!

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