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Get Out Your Way Podcast

In The Hot Seat With Your Questions – Part 2 – 101

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It seems like Shareen was a total hit on the podcast last week, from the emails & messages I’ve been getting since.


Well the conversation (i.e. grilling) continues now for you over on episode 101.


You can have a sneaky peek at the questions that Shareen asked me on behalf of my clients, podcast listeners, friends & family … [along with the exact time they’re asked in the episode].


  • [01:57] What do you feel is the most important achievement you have created for yourself and how do you feel that impacts who you are right now?


  • [05:20] What’s your secret dream? What motivates you? What’s your WHY for your business & has it changed as you have evolved?


  • [10:37] What is your daily habit that you credit the most for your success?


  • [12:29] How do you recognise when YOU (Osmaan) are getting in your own way, and once you realise that, what do you do to get out of it?


  • [15:37] How do you think you’ve gotten out your own way since starting this podcast?


  • [18:17] How well do you feel you juggle all the different aspects of life?


  • [22:42] ‘If you had the chance to take one shot you could have taken but didn’t, what would it be & why?’


  • [24.10] What is the project or opportunity that you have said NO to in the last 12 months that has been the best decision you have made to help keep you focused and on track?


  • [27:18] What’s the one thing you wished you had done in the last 12-18 months? How do you manage to stay true to your superpower?


  • [31:20] Do you ever get bored of the Entrepreneurial Superpower & wish you could talk about something else?


  • [34:58] Plans for the future for his (Osmaan) business, how he manages to work from home, impacts on COVID on his business?


  • [40:45] What (business & personal) advice would you offer 21-year-old Osmaan?


As you can see, there was again some really meaty questions that got me reflecting & digging deep to share with you.


I truly hope you continue to get some great insights from listening in, which can help you to continue to Get Out Your Way too.


I look forward to sharing even more with you next time & do send me a quick email or message via Social Media, to let me know if you enjoyed these last 2 episodes.

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