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How to feel confident instantly!

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 How would it be if you could have a magic button, which would help you feel more CONFIDENT (or any other positive feeling) in an instant?

Well you don’t have to imagine any longer, as I’ll show you how to do just that using the power of NLP!

Watch this bumper RT-TV episode to see step by step how to install an ANCHOR!


Think about it, whenever you’re going about your daily life – whether at work or home – how you’re feeling has a direct impact in terms of your results & performance – doesn’t it?

So how would you like to be on tip-top condition & ensure that your performance dictates your true ability – without having those niggling feelings eating away at you?  Whether that’s a lack of confidence, motivation or self-belief for you!

This is where the NLP technique of ANCHORING comes into play.  It’s what may professional athletes use to help them get & stay ‘IN THE ZONE!’

Every single day we’re exposed to so many anchors naturally.  For example, what happens when your mobile phone rings?  Yep it automatically gets your attention doesn’t it (even if it’s another person’s phone but with your ringtone!)  That particular tone is hardwired in your mind & gets you to responding a certain way automatically.

This also applies for smells – like perfume, after shave or even sun tan lotion or certain songs too.  It triggers you to feel a certain way and is based upon associations you have from previous memories & experiences.

But you can use this process with a real purpose – to help you in situations where you may otherwise feel challenged.  That could be an assessment or exam situation; a job interview or a new situations that you haven’t faced before.  So naturally you may feel a bit unsure of yourself.

When you can bring previous experiences from times when you felt the complete opposite feeling – like being super confidence … you can then use them to change how you feel NOW!


“Confidence comes from discipline & training.”

Robert Kiyosaki


Here’s an overview of how to install an anchor – your personal ‘magic button’:

1. You need to decide what state or feeling you want to have instead?

  • Think about what would be more useful & empowering for you.
  • It could be the opposite of the negative state – such as confidence instead of lack of confidence!

2. Grab a pen & paper so you can jot down specific times from the past – when you’ve felt those feelings before.

  • Come up with at least 5 STRONG situations where you’ve felt them before.
  • Make sure they’re super powerful ones!
  • They can be from totally different contexts – so pull in times from hobbies & other situations.

3. Choose a trigger point for your anchor.

  •  A specific knuckle in your hand or pressing your thumb & a particular finger together – can work really well.

4. Close your eyes & remember each of those memories (one at a time).

  • It’s as if you’re pressing PLAY to your old memories.  Your mind can’t help but start to feel those feelings in the PRESENT moment just by thinking of them!
  • As soon as you start to feel that feeling NOW – then simply press down on your trigger (or squeeze your thumb & finger) and hold it.
  • When those feelings start to reduce, then release the trigger.
  • Repeat this step for each memory & add it to the SAME trigger point (i.e. the same knuckle).

You’ve basically associated (using the mind-body connection) that particular feeling with this specific trigger point!

5. Think about something else instead or even that situations where you had that negative feeling to start with!

6. ‘Fire’ your anchor by pressing that trigger & just notice what feeling you start to feel! 

  • Yep – it will be those same feelings from those past positive memories!

(You can keep adding more & more & more memories to this particular anchor point – to make it even more stronger!)

Then when you’re in those real life situations & want to change how you’re feeling – simply press your anchor & hey VIOLA!

Remember, how you’re feeling can impact what you’re thinking & your performance.  So this technique helps you interrupt those negative feelings & replaces them into what will be so much more beneficial to you!

Have fun using this simple technique into lots of different situations & for the positive feelings that will serve you most.

As always I’d love to hear how you get on with this week’s tip, so please do share your insights, results or any questions that you have by dropping a quick comment below.

Also, if you’ve any friends or colleagues, who could benefit from having a ‘magic button’ to change how they feel too ….. please do share this video & blog message with them too – using the social media buttons below.

I look forward to sharing even more with you next time.

Have a fantastic day.

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