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Be super strong & flexible

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You may think I’ve gone barking mad … but start acting more like a Bamboo Tree!

– Ok I’ll explain exactly what I mean –

Give yourself just over 4 minutes to listen to me bringing one of the key NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) principles to life for you!

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Let’s explore together one of the principle behind NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) called ‘The Law of Requisite Variety’.

Ok I know that it may sound all ‘fancy’ but let’s talk about it in real-life terms.

It simply means, that the person with the most flexibility of behaviour will control the outcome.

For me, it all boils down to giving buy soma american best yourself permission to know there isn’t just ‘one right-way!’ and instead be adaptable, without getting caught up in the ‘HOW’ it will all happen!

The beauty of this principle is that it can be applied in all areas of your life – especially if you’re looking to get MORE, BETTER or DIFFERENT from your working life or results!

As a success & performance coach, I see too many people getting themselves stuck or losing the motivation or energy towards creating changes or improvements in their life, because they think that they need to have all the steps mapped out before they can really go after ‘it’!  (Does that sound like you?)

Yes of course, it’s important to have a super clear goal, destination or big milestone in mind but then have the courage to be flexible with the journey!

When you’re flexible, it means that you’re giving yourself the chance to grab hold of opportunities that come your way; learn as you go & also you’ll never get ‘totally stuck’ as you didn’t have a water-tight plan in the first place!


“Life isn’t about painting by numbers or having to staying neatly within the lines!”

– Yours truly – Osmaan Sharif 🙂 –


So getting back to what this has all got to do with a BAMBOO tree or plant!  Well it’s one plant which grows super fast and even though it may not look it – it’s SUPER STRONG & FLEXIBLE.

Unlike other trees or plants, which are strong but STIFF – a bamboo plant really can bend in many ways without breaking – (it definitely would win the Yoga Olympics if there was such a thing!)

But it’s also really flexible in how it can be used.  I’m sure you’ve seen lots of nice gardens & landscaping featuring Bamboo trees and furniture too.  It doesn’t just stop there though, as it’s also used as food, as scaffolding, fencing and hundreds of other things too.

The key is that it’s flexible & with that it’s actually more powerful and stronger!

Earlier today, I had a quick catch up with a previous client of mine, Shemila & she’s truly living like a ‘bamboo’!  You see, she knows that she wants to be in the art & design world, so has set herself some stretching goals to make that happen.  However, instead of being in her hometown in rainy Scotland – instead she was in sunny Malta, when she was messaging me!

She snapped up an amazing opportunity, which allows her to spend a few months in a wonderful & new place – while doing an internship where she is getting first hand experience of working on design projects & also with artists!  BINGO!

So did she set that as a specific step in her journey? – NOT AT ALL!  But what she did do was continue to be flexible in each step she is taking going forwards!

I’m super excited to see where this experience will now take her & also how it will shape some of the next thing that will happen for her!

So are you ready to be more like a BAMBOO tree from today?

As always, I’d love to hear what insights & actions that you’ll take after reading this, so please do take a few seconds to drop me a quick comment in the box below.

Also, ‘sharing is caring’ (as we say in the Sharif household while we’re teaching our 18 month year old Son to share his toys) – so please do pass this blog post onto any of your friends, family or colleagues, who you think could do with a more flexible approach.  It’s easy-peasy to do – you just need to click one of the share buttons below & they can read it via Facebook; Twitter; Google+, LinkedIn, Pintrest or even get an e-mail of it!

I look forward to sharing even more ways for you to DESIGN your goals; have supportive MINDSETS & use STRATEGIES that work, so you can create Rapid Transformations in your working life & results!

Have a fantastic day.

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  • Osmaan Sharif says:

    So how are you going to be more FLEXIBLE in your approach now? Please share your insights & actions below.

  • Shemila Afzal says:

    Aww, brilliant podcast as always, ‘be strong and flexible’ love it! thanks for the mention 🙂

    • Osmaan Sharif says:

      Glad you liked it Shemila. It was great catching up with you earlier & seeing you taking these next steps forward. Enjoy the journey & keep in touch.

  • Agz says:

    Hi Osmaan,
    Lovely analagy of the Bamboo Tree being strong and flexible and I love the yoga reference too lol! Being flexible in your ideas allows for personal growth and the strength part is being strong enough to listen to others ideas taking what you need then believing in your own truths in the final analysis. An interesting note is Louise Hay in her book “you can heal your life” has an affirmation to heal stiff necks which she says manifests in the physical body from critical thinking like bullheadedness her affirmation states something like this “It is safe for me to listen to others ideas”

    • Osmaan Sharif says:

      Hi Agz,

      It’s great to hear that you loved the analogy and the yoga reference too (my mind was being very creative when typing away).

      I am a big fan of Louise Hay and I’ve worked with many clients helping them positively focus upon the mind-body connection.

      Thanks for sharing & I hope you continue to enjoy the blog posts, podcasts & videos going forward.


  • Jim says:

    Hi Os, Loved this as I listened with headphones on in ‘the office’. The juxtaposition of strength and flexibility and versitility of bamboo is very powerful and I liked the picture too. The mention of Malta also instantly changed my state, making me smile broadly while remembering being there just over a year ago. Lucky Shemila!

    • Osmaan Sharif says:

      Hi Jim,

      I can picture the scene of exactly where you would have been listening to this from 🙂

      It’s bizarre as I was out in a shopping centre earlier and came across a bamboo ‘wall feature’ – coincidence or not? (I’m sure you’ll know my views on that!)

      Love how one word can change how you feel in an instant – powerful stuff 🙂

      Thanks for the comment & speak soon.