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Today we’ll explore the dilemma:  when is it beneficial to evolve your business & when could change become a distracting negative force?

I’ll take you on a behind-the-scenes journey of how my business have evolved over the past nearly 16 years (& especially these last 2 years).  This includes the reasons why I rebranded from ‘The Get Out Your Way’ Podcast to ‘Your Business Quest’ Podcast, plus changed up the identity of other parts of my business.

You’ll also hear my key top tips & considerations to help you navigate whether to change things up or to stick with what your doing.

These include considering:

  • The importance of motivation behind change: Is it boredom or a strategic business decision?
  • How do these changes align with your personal values & future goals?
  • Importance of client feedback in guiding business evolution.
  • Explore your mindset: Is the change driven by fear, scarcity, or limiting beliefs?
  • Thinking like a business owner: Assess the short-term, medium-term & long-term impacts.
  • The role of the Entrepreneurial Superpower in shaping business changes by focusing upon your strategies.
  • How can you bring more fun & experimentation into what you’re doing?
  • What habits & actions are you committing to make happen for this potential next evolution, while remaining flexible based on feedback & results?

You’ll hear from my real-life experiences & also some example from clients I’ve guides through this dilemma too.



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